S.E. Barlow

Famous Fleets feature article Issue 19 - Autumn 2010

NameFleet noJoined fleetRegistration numberRegistration dateBuilder/sourceNotes
(name not found)00/1921Not registeredEx W.H. Sims (No 5)
Ada (d)00/1921Not registeredEx W.H. Sims
Agnes (d)Not registeredEx Ernest Thomas
Ajax06/1941Tamworth 18012/07/1941Ex John Thomas Coles (Primrose)
Aquilla (d)00/1921Not registeredEx W.H. Sims
Ark Royal (m)9707/1941Tamworth 18206/09/1941Ex GUCCC (Dorney Court)
Avon*09/1935Wolverhampton 108210/07/1922Ex Midlands & Coast Canal Carriers
Beatrice*Coventry 42607/06/1917Ex John Frederick Cox, via Lees & Atkins (Lily)
Beatty (d)2309/1922Not registeredNew from Worsey Ltd, Toll End
Belfast*12/1931Gloucester 49017/07/1914Ex Severn & Canal Carrying Co
Betty (d)Not registeredEx James Yates
Blake (m)3008/1934Tamworth 14002/02/1935Ex Sydney J. Woodward (Hazel)
Blake (m)10707/1947Tamworth 19825/10/1947Ex GUCCC (Mizar)
Brenda (d)00/1921Not registeredEx W. H. Sims
Caen (m)10409/1945Tamworth 19313/10/1945Ex Erewash Canal Carrying Co. Ltd (Elizabeth)
California*10/1927Coventry 33623/02/1925Ex Midland Quarry Company, via Lees & Atkins
Call Boy (d)Not registeredEx James Yates
Campbell09/1935Not foundEx Midlands & Coast Canal Carriers
Captain Cook1210/1931Tamworth 10814/11/1931Ex John Walker (Princess Mary)
Cetus11311/1947Banbury 1811/10/1948Ex GUCCC
Charity (d)4Not registeredNot found
Charles1106/1921Banbury 2719/12/1921Ex Samuel Barlow (Tamworth) Ltd
Churchill03/1941Tamworth 17422/03/1941Ex Lees & Atkins (Betty)
Columbus1306/1927Tamworth 3602/07/1927Not known - Transfer boat
Columbus1310/1931Tamworth 11012/12/1931Ex John Walker (Violet)
Corfu (d)*1309/1935Wolverhampton 113108/07/1929Ex Midlands & Coast Canal Carriers
Cunningham9807/1941Tamworth 18327/12/1941Ex GUCCC (Coombe Abbey)
Cyril4310/1939Tamworth 16600/10/1939Ex G. Wood via Lees & Atkins
Daisy3512/1935Tamworth 15815/08/1936Ex Oxford Canal Company
Daisy10110/1943Tamworth 19110/06/1944Ex Alfred Hone (White City)
Desdemona2006/1932Wolverhampton 1078
Tamworth 132
Ex Midlands & Coast Canal Carriers
Drake1701/1952Tamworth 20405/04/1952Ex Lawrence B. Faulkner (Kestrel)
Drake (d)509/1924Not registeredNew
Eliza (d)14Not registeredNot found
Elizabeth*06/1927Birmingham 146224/03/1924Ex John Walker (Violet)
Ellen2703/1923Birmingham 144902/03/1923New
Elsie (d)Not registeredEx King Brothers
Elsie Edith701/1921Birmingham 139821/01/1921Ex Elizabeth Court (Cedar)
Energy08/1934Tamworth 13415/09/1934Ex Sydney J. Woodward
Enoch Charles*11/1924Coventry 48813/11/1924Ex Sidney Strong (Four Brothers)
Euston03/1923Berkhamsted 45626/03/1923Ex Henry King
Eva (d)00/1921Not registeredEx W. H. Sims
Florence6208/1941Tamworth 18106/09/1941Ex Hubert Hawkins
Francis (d)Not registeredEx King Brothers
Franklin (m)4002/1936Tamworth 15729/02/1936Not traced
Franklyn (m)8609/1954Tamworth 20830/10/1954Ex Docks & Inland Waterways Executive (Vanguard)
Fred (d)Not registeredEx E. Williams
Frobisher3305/1935Tamworth 15409/11/1935Ex William Giddins Jnr (William Caleb)
Gladys02/1925Banbury ---22/06/1925Ex Coventry Co-operative Society
Grenville3203/1935Tamworth 14625/05/1935Ex John Wilson (Rose Agnes)
Grenville10210/1944Tamworth 19214/10/1944Ex Erewash Canal Carrying Co (Charles)
Hardy2812/1934Tamworth 13905/01/1935Ex L. J. Speight & Co. Ltd (Crown)
Hardy10803/1947Tamworth 19925/10/1947Ex GUCCC (Medusa)
Hawke (m)9411/1940Tamworth 17302/11/1940Ex John Thomas Coles (The Hawk)
Hawke (m)5001/1952Tamworth 20309/02/1952Ex Lawrence B. Faulkner (Albatross)
Hawkins3103/1935Tamworth 14230/03/1935Ex John Wilson (Prosperity)
Hilda (m)9206/1941Tamworth 17812/07/1941Ex John Thomas Coles
Honesty (d)00/1921Not registeredEx W.H. Sims (Freda)
Hood (m)9608/1940Daventry 50827/08/1940Ex George Wood (Educator)
Hood (m)10010/1943Tamworth 19013/11/1943New
Hope (d)36Not registeredEx King Brothers
Hornet (d)26Not registeredEx W.H. Bowater Ltd
Hyperion (m)11211/1947Tamworth 20127/11/1948Ex GUCCC
Iris May (d)40Not registeredNot known
Isaiah (d)*Coventry 30625/08/1925Ex William Boon via Lees & Atkins
Jean (d)Not registeredEx E.H. Walker
Jellicoe9906/1941Tamworth 18406/01/1942Ex George Wood (Endeavour)
Jessie (d)*02/1925Coventry 37115/01/1912Ex Coventry Cooperative Society
Jolly Roger (d)21Not registeredEx James Yates
Joseph Albert (d)1008/1923Not registeredNew
Kings Lynn (m)6006/1941Tamworth 17912/07/1941Ex George Wood
Leslie02/1925Banbury22/06/1925Ex Coventry Co-operative Society
Lily3812/1935Tamworth 16105/12/1936Ex Oxford Canal Company
Lily (d)2208/1933Not registeredEx S.T. Brant & Co
Lily of the Valley9311/1940Tamworth 16902/11/1940Ex Thomas Phipps
Lucy Emma (d)911/1940Not registeredNew
Mars*6208/1934Wolverhampton 109309/10/1922Ex Midlands & Coast Canal Carriers
May*00/1936Tamworth 15504/01/1936Ex Lees & Atkins (Violet)
Mersey (d)91Not registeredEx H. Dumolo Ltd
Mikado (d)19Not registeredEx E. Page & Son
Miller (d)*02/1942Banbury 307/05/1934Ex Alfred Hone (Golden Miller)
Minna (d)00/1921Not registeredEx W.H. Sims
Nansen4104/1938Tamworth 16423/04/1938Ex William Statham (Sarah Eliza)
Nelson310/1928Coventry 51408/11/1928Ex Joseph Beauchamp, via George Tooley (Three Brothers)
Nelson10312/1934Tamworth 13805/01/1935Ex Kaye & Co (Blue Lias)Later paired with Nancy as hotel boat for Blue Line. In 1962 became club house for Retford & Worskop Boat Club
Norah02/1925Tamworth 1413/03/1926Ex Coventry Co-operative Society
Perseverance102/1928Tamworth 4311/02/1928Ex William Grantham
Polly3707/1936Tamworth 16005/12/1936Ex Oxford Canal Company
Raleigh10903/1948Tamworth 20017/04/1948Ex John Harwood (Searchlight)
Raleigh (d)2Not registeredEx W. H. Bowater Ltd
Reginald (d)Not registeredEx D.W. Partridge
Rodney3205/1935Tamworth 14817/08/1935Not known
Rodney10612/1945Tamworth 19726/07/1947John Wilson (Daffodil)
Rose (d)11100/1949Not registeredEx S.T. Brant & Co
Sailor (d)8Not registeredNot found
Sally (d)*07/1929Coventry 30602/07/1909Ex William Boon & Sons, via Sephtons
Samuel Edwin (d)1507/1929Not registeredNew
Sarah (d)*02/1925Coventry 30021/02/1905Ex Coventry Co-operative Society
Scott2903/1935Tamworth 14130/03/1935Ex J. Chatten
Shadzada09/1928Tamworth 5422/09/1928Ex Sidney Victor Whitehall
Shamrock10/1934Tamworth 13716/11/1934Ex Midlands & Coast Canal Carriers
Shamrock (d)604/1935Not registeredOpen boat
Sir John French (d)00/1921Not registeredEx W. H. Sims (Vera)
Snowdrop9511/1940Tamworth 17202/11/1940Ex John Thomas Coles
Star (d)4Not registeredEx Worsey Ltd
Susan10504/1946Tamworth 19525/05/1946Ex A. Harvey-Taylor (Ruth)
Sydney3412/1935Tamworth 15604/01/1936Ex Sidney Jelf (Thelma)
The President (d)*1902/1925Coventry 41418/11/1915Ex Coventry Co-operative Society
Toby (d)1610/1924Not registeredNew
Union Jack (m)9001/1942Tamworth 18519/09/1942Ex George Wood
Verdun (d)*1410/1934Chester 79526/04/1922Ex Midlands & Coast Canal Carriers
Victoria2512/1928Daventry 38704/12/1928Ex Joseph Taylor
Victory (d)*2502/1925Coventry 41714/03/1916Ex Coventry Co-operative Society
Viking (d)11000/1949Not registeredEx S.T. Brant & Co
Viking*11011/1947Uxbridge 53431/07/1923Ex Fellows Morton & Clayton Ltd (Dorothy)
Violet9100/1941Banbury 15200/00/1921Ex George Tooley
Violet (d)00/1921Not registeredEx W.H. Sims (Ena)
Wanderer05/1922Northampton 2303/05/1922Ex J. Lightbourne
Whirlpool2408/1932Tamworth 11520/08/1932Ex Midlands & Coast Canal Carriers
William (d)Not registeredEx James Yates


(d) – day boat

(m) – motor boat

GUCCC – Grand Union Canal Carrying Company Limited

*Registration relates to the former owner – most of these served as day boats in the Barlow fleet and were no longer used as dwellings.


It has not been possible to determine when many of the day boats that were bought second hand entered the fleet. These boats feature in the Birmingham Canal Navigations’ gauging registers but the dates of their transfer to a new owner are not given and there are also some doubts as to their name in the Barlow fleet. Likewise it has also been difficult at times to differentiate in the records between the original Samuel Barlow partnership and the subsequent Samuel Edwin Barlow business.



In the absence of the firm's records, ascertaining the fleet numbers for many of the boats has been somewhat fraught.   Information has come from various sources such as the Birmingham Canal Navigation's gauging records, from old photographs and from personal observations but this has revealed many number were duplicated and it seems some boats carried different numbers at different times.   Most of the numbers up to the early forties have been found together with those from ninety onwards, but in between there are large gaps.