Greaves, Bull & Lakin

Boats believed to be in the fleet after the company took this name in 1875. There may well be several more craft inherited from the Greaves, Kirshaw & Bull fleet which have escaped the surviving records.

Famous Fleets feature article Issue 26 - Summer 2012

NameFleet noJoined fleetRegistration numberRegistration dateBuilder/sourceNotes
Admiral Togo00/1904Daventry 220 23/11/1904New (probably W. Nurser & Sons).
Albion00/1914Birmingham 131203/04/1914New. Sold to William H. Green 1923.
Banbury00/1875(not found)Ex GKB. Sold Thomas Stevens of Brentford 1885.
Banbury00/1890Stratford-upon-Avon 2225/02/1890New (Thomas Farr). Sold to John F. Cox 1916.
Birmingham00/1875(not found)Ex GKB. Still in use 1885.
Braunston00/1893Daventry 11525/04/1894New (probably W. Nurser & Sons). Sold to W. Nurser & Sons 1904.
BrentfordWarwick 3911/03/1879Still in use 1885.
Brunel(not found)Inspected 1879; no other information.
Camden(not found)Still in use 1901.
Comfort of Life00/1875Warwick ---11/03/1879Ex GKB.
Coventry00/1914Coventry 39702/04/1914New. Sold to John Walker 1923.
Duchess00/1875(not found)Ex GKB. Sold to Thomas Farr.
Emscote00/1882Warwick 10007/06/1882Sold to Hugh Hughes 1897.
Ettington00/1907Daventry 25718/12/1907New (probably W. Nurser & Sons). Sold to Midlands & Coast 1922.
General Kuroki00/1904Coventry 29910/01/1905New. Sold to John Walker 1925.
Harbury00/1875(not found)Ex GKB.
Harbury00/1880Stratford-upon-Avon 1723/03/1880New. Sold by 1909.
Hatton00/1875(not found)Ex GKB.
Hatton00/1884Stratford-upon-Avon 20
Towcester 61
New (Thomas Farr). Sold to W. Nurser & Sons 1907.
Leamington00/1875(not found)Ex GKB.
Leamington00/1881Stratford-upon-Avon 1805/04/1881New. Sold to W. Nurser & Sons 1906.
Liverpool00/1875(not found)Ex GKB.
Liverpool(not found)Ex (Matthew) Evitts. Still in use 1885.
Liverpool00/1889Towcester 2016/07/1889New. Sold to W. Nurser & Sons 1906.
London00/1875(not found)Ex GKB.
London00/1896Warwick 119
Warwick 131
New. Sold to John F. Cox c1916.
Mathilda00/1900Paddington 20015/05/1900Ex William Clarke. Name may well be Matilda. Sold to Albert Odell 1902.
Millwall00/1875(not found)Ex GKB. Sold to Thames & Central Carrying Co 1886.
Ocean WaveWarwick 511/03/1879Sold to Christopher Johns 1891.
Oxford00/1875(not found)Ex GKB.
Oxford00/1882Stratford-upon-Avon 1904/07/1882New (Thomas Farr). Sold to W. Nurser & Sons 1907.
Paddington00/1875(never registered)Ex GKB. Sold to William Dunn of Stowe Hill.
Paddington00/1878Warwick 8309/09/1879Sold to Hugh Hughes 1896.
Patience00/1891Warwick 11409/11/1891Sold to Isaac Slater 1917.
Providence00/1875Warwick ---11/03/1879Ex GKB. Still in use 1885.
Stockton00/1875Warwick ---11/03/1879Ex GKB.
Stockton00/1887Stratford-upon-Avon 2107/01/1888New (Thomas Farr). Sold to W. Nurser & Sons 1907.
StourportStratford-upon-Avon 703/06/1879In use by 1877. Broken up by 1907.
Stratford00/1875(never registered)Ex GKB.
StratfordWarwick 2011/03/1879Sold to W. Nurser & Sons 1905.
Warwick00/1875(not found)Still in use 1885.
Wasp00/1875Stratford-upon-Avon 1303/06/1879Ex GKB. Sold to Edkins of Warwick by 1909.
Watford00/1875Stratford-upon-Avon 1103/06/1879Ex GKB. Sold to W. Nurser & Sons 1905.
Wilmcote00/1875Stratford-upon-Avon 803/06/1879Ex GKB. Sold to Mrs Emma Edkins 1904.
Worcester00/1875(not found)Ex GKB. In use 1882.

In the 1880s six craft were replaced by new boats bearing the same names, several built by Thomas Farr of Stratford.

GKB: Greaves, Kirshaw & Bull 

The date 1875 in the 'Joined fleet' column implies that these boats were almost certainly already in the fleet when the GBL name was first used in that year.