Warwickshire Canal Carrying Co

Famous Fleets feature article Issue 30 - Summer 2013

NameFleet noJoined fleetRegistration numberRegistration dateBuilder/sourceNotes
Alice01/1936Coventry 44111/09/1919Ex JG - to motor
Alice (m)06/1936Coventry 53102/07/1936Ex butty - ECCC
Avon01/1936Coventry 47725/05/1937Ex JG
Calder01/1936Coventry 34112/11/1907Ex JG - to motor
Calder (m)03/1936Coventry 53030/04/1936Ex butty - ECCC
Caroline01/1936Coventry 44311/09/1919Ex JG
Cygnet11/1920Coventry 46018/11/1920Ex L. B. Faulkner, Linslade
Dauntless09/1919Coventry 44709/10/1919Ex Chance Bros, Spon Lane
Dauntless06/1920Daventry 33129/06/1920Ex John Walker, Bugbrooke
David & Alfred05/1918Berkhamsted 50411/06/1918Ex William Garrett, Banbury
Dorothy01/1936Coventry 45231/08/1937Ex JG - to ECCC
Elizabeth01/1936Banbury 15322/05/1916Ex JG
Enterprise (m)01/1936Coventry 36213/09/1938Ex JG - to ECCC
Florence01/1936Coventry 51806/01/1939Ex Hubert Hawkins, Oxford - to ECCC
Harriett01/1936Coventry 28829/01/1937Ex JG - to ECCC
Isis01/1936Coventry 52202/10/1930Ex JG
James09/1921Coventry 45308/09/1921Ex W.H.Evans & Sons Ltd - to motor
James (m)05/1934Daventry 45215/05/1934Ex butty - to WCCCL
Joan10/1930Coventry 52102/10/1930Ex Mrs Emma Green - to motor
Joan (m)02/1932Daventry 42823/02/1932Ex butty - to ECCC
Kate05/1918Coventry 43606/06/1918Ex William Garrett, Banbury
Kathleen06/1920Daventry33029/06/1920Ex John Walker, Bugbrooke
Leam01/1936Coventry 30121/01/1936Ex JG
Lizzie12/1928Tamworth 5715/12/1928Ex John F. Cox, Longford
Louisa10/1919Coventry 33416/09/1908Ex E. Hodson & Sons
Margaret03/1925Daventry 36831/03/1925Ex Nelson Dale & Co - to motor
Margaret (m)08/1934Daventry 45631/08/1934Ex butty - to ECCC
Mary03/1925Warwick 13421/04/1925Ex Nelson Dale & Co
Mary01/1936Coventry 44814/11/1919Ex JG
Mayflower01/1920Coventry 35323/01/1920Ex Mrs Edith Riley, Foleshill
Mersey01/1936Coventry 52929/03/1934Ex JG - to ECCC
Nene01/1936Coventry 19309/09/1890Ex JG
No 601/1936Not registered00/09/1918Ex JG (day boat) - to WCCCL
No 6001/1936Not registered00/01/1936Ex JG (day boat) - to WCCCL
No 7001/1936Not registered00/01/1936Ex JG (day boat) - to WCCCL
Ouse01/1936Coventry 22618/06/1895Ex JG
Perseverance09/1919Warwick 14129/09/1920Ex Maria White, Braunston
Phyllis03/1925Warwick 13921/04/1925Ex Nelson Dale & Co, Warwick
Premier (m)01/1936Coventry 52310/11/1936Ex JG - to ECCC
Prosperous09/1919Coventry 44609/10/1919Ex Maria White, Long Buckby
Queen01/1936Banbury 2717/11/1924Ex JG
Rita09/1920Coventry 41523/09/1920Ex E. H. Lawrence, Griff
Rival01/1936Coventry 39231/03/1939Ex JG - to ECCC
Rosemary01/1936Coventry 44411/09/1919Ex JG
Severn01/1936Coventry 24205/07/1898Ex JG
Stour01/1936Coventry 52530/04/1931Ex JG
Tame01/1936Coventry 48904/12/1924Ex JG
Tay01/1936Coventry 30911/10/1937Ex JG - to ECCC
The King10/1930Coventry 52402/10/1930Ex Emanuel Smith Ltd - to motor
The King (m)04/1933Daventry 44318/04/1933Ex butty - to ECCC
Thelma01/1936Coventry 50106/01/1938Ex JG - to ECCC
Tweed01/1936Coventry 52602/07/1931Ex JG - to motor
Tweed (m)05/1936Daventry 47605/05/1936Ex butty - to ECCC
Ure01/1936Coventry 31020/02/1906Ex JG - to WCCCL
Wey01/1836Coventry 51723/02/1938Ex JG - to ECCC
Wye01/1936Coventry 28724/02/1903Ex JG
Ypres09/1918Banbury10830/09/1918Ex William Grantham

JG:  John Griffiths 
ECCC:  Erewash Canal Carrying Company 
OC:   Oxford Canal Co 
G:   Grand Union Canal Co
WCCCL:  Warwickshire Canal Carrying Co Ltd
(m):  motor boat

Full details of Gauging numbers were published in the original article in Summer 2013 issue of NarrowBoat