Wyvern Shipping Company

Famous Fleets feature article Issue 32 - Winter 2013

Fleet list covers up to 1970 only

NameFleet noJoined fleetRegistration numberRegistration dateBuilder/sourceNotes
Benevolence 00/1954ex John Green Carriers Sold 1965
Bridget00/1964ex Charles Ballinger FirShortened, sold 1972
Buttercup00/1970Purpose-built cruiser
Canada Goose00/1959ex Lord Geoffrey PercySold 1967
Cygnet I00/1961CruiserSold 1962
Cygnet II00/1961CruiserSold 1967
Daisy00/1970Purpose-built cruiser
Duchess of Athol00/1954ex John Green CarriersShortened - rear half became Lady Flora, 1957
Duchess of York00/1954ex John Green CarriersSold 1963
Elizabeth 00/1954ex British Waterways ScalesSold to Willow Wren,1956
Fir 00/1964ex Charles Ballinger BeechShortened, sold 1972
Galatea00/1960Two-berth cruiserSold 1960
Hazel00/1965ex Blue Line Canal Carriers
Heather Bell (m)00/1954ex Ralph MarchSold 1963
Heron00/1963CruiserSold 1966
Hesperus00/1965ex British Waterways Sextans
Jemima00/1962CruiserSold 1967
Lady Flora00/1957Stern half of Duchess of AtholSold 1971
Mary00/1957Wooden 25ft launchWritten off 1964
Miranda00/1968First purpose-built steel-hulled boat
Murray00/1965ex Joey boat Early BirdSold 1970
Nutfield (m)00/1970ex British Waterways Trip boat, sold 1977
Olive00/1963Ex Charles Ballinger BeechShortened by 20ft
Perseverance00/1957ex tug TyburnSold 1968
Princess00/1954ex horsedrawn ice breaker1978
Theophilus (m) 00/1970ex British Waterways
Victoria (m)00/1954ex John Green Carriers Sold 1969
Wyvern00/1962Ex Davison Bros, cruiser1969