T&S Element

NB: In this table 'Registration Number' refers to the BCN gauging number and 'Registration Date' to the date of gauging

Also, this list covers only those boats that had names, omitting a series that carried only a fleet number

Famous Fleets feature article Issue 33 - Spring 2014

NameFleet noJoined fleetRegistration numberRegistration dateBuilder/sourceNotes
Adelaide 7041007/09/1922NewCut up 1956
Alexandra26912/05/1922Ex Walter Element (Worsey)Sold W.J. Hayward & Co
Alice2173227/03/1913Ex H&S Ilsley, BirminghamCut up 1932
Alpha123703/01/1927Ex Birmingham Co-operative
Ampic93207/10/1924Ex SWS, Smethwick
Annie Eliza237110/08/1955New
Annie Eliza (m)210026/03/1941Ex Probert & Sons, MillfieldsEx Plato (GUCCC). Renamed Princess Anne
Antares (m)215210/03/1943Ex Talbot Garage Co LtdEx GUCCC. Sold 1954
Arthur 8047630/10/1922New
Aubrey2173908/04/1913Ex James Yates, PelsallCut up 1951
Ben (m)210824/09/1941Ex Talbot Garage Co Ltd
Blanche200003/01/1938Ex Bradley Bros, Oldbury
Bluebell17621/02/1922NewRenamed George
Bowes Lyon2171317/02/1913Ex George Adams & SonsCut up 1941
Cecil 6248920/11/1922New
Charles18302/03/1922Ex Walter Element (Worsey)Cut up 1947
Charles William25304/05/1922Ex Worsey, Toll EndCut up 1957
Childwall55929/01/1923Ex Midlands & Coast CarriersCut up 1944
Comet2202809/03/1914Ex George Adams & SonsCut up 1942
Cork (m)2145316/08/1935Ex Talbot Garage Co Ltd
Crimson49122/11/1922Ex Walter Element (Worsey)Became Sapphire 1954
Daisy 4213806/12/1921New
Dawn49222/11/1922Ex Walter Element (Worsey)
Diamond 8149525/11/1922New
Dolly202804/07/1938NewRenamed Lorraine
Dolly24502/05/1922Ex Charles Nelson & Co LtdCut up 1951
Douglas87630/06/1924NewCut up 1927
Duke of York (m)222401/11/1944Ex GUCCC (Umbriel)
Early Bird34429/07/1922Ex Walter Element (Worsey)
Eclipse2331516/12/1920Ex W.H. Bowater, Birmingham Cut up 1929
Edna 6430319/06/1922New
Edward209523/10/1940Ex GKN, Cape Arm, Smethwick
Electric 5118023/02/1922Ex SWS, Smethwick Cut up 1951
Elizabeth23020/04/1922Ex Walter Element (Worsey)
Elsie2177723/05/1913Ex George Adams & SonsCut up 1928
Elsie148810/05/1929Ex James Yates, Pelsall
Elsie & Daisy1517401/07/1896Ex Hughes & Son, Selly Oak
Elsie May125204/02/1927New
Ernest41812/09/1922Ex Walter Element (Worsey)
Eva1978320/06/1905Ex H. H. Vivian & Co. LtdSold 1938
Evelyn136207/12/1927Ex FMC, via Spencer AbbottRe-gauged 04.09.1946
Florrie2218525/09/1914Ex J. Bradley & Co
Florrie2187212/09/1913Ex George Adams & SonsCut up 1935
Frederick 1865624/06/1903Renamed; ex SurreyCut up 1929
George 482216017/08/1914Ex George Element, OldburyCut up 1926
Gladys2171417/02/1913Ex George Adams & SonsCut up 1932
Gladys218612/01/1944Ex SWS, Smethwick
Harriet1871407/08/1903Ex H.H. Vivian & Co LtdCut up 1932
Harry10710/09/1921Ex Harrison & King, BirminghamCut up 1953
Hilda 6531729/06/1922New - Worsey Ltd
Iris111103/11/1925Renamed ex Tulip
Ivy1444522/07/1895Ex Chance & Hunt Ltd, OldburyCut up 1926
Ivy 8748509/11/1922Ex FMC, Birmingham (Ada)
Jack 5749930/11/1922New - James Yates, PelsallCut up 1957
James 5823122/04/1922NewCut up 1954
Jane21703/04/1922Ex Walter Element (Worsey)
Janice207609/10/1939Ex GKN, Cape Arm, Smethwick
Jennifer126309/03/1927Ex SWS, Smethwick
Jennifer217215/09/1943Ex GKN, Cape Arm, Smethwick
Jerry2162325/09/1912Ex George Adams & SonsCut up 1941
Joyce21227/03/1922Renamed; ex Omaha
Julie66828/05/1923Ex W. Heath, Oldbury
Kenneth149506/06/1929Ex Worsey, BirminghamCut up 1951
King George (m)210617/09/1941New - FMC, Birmingham Sold 1952
Lily192414/09/1936Ex Chance Brothers, Spon Lane
Lilyflower1759026/01/1901Ex Rowley Regis Quarries
Lorraine202804/07/1938Renamed; ex Dolly
Majestic151928/07/1929Ex James Yates, PelsallCut up 1949
Mallard2164009/10/1912Ex M&W Grazebrook
Margaret2186908/09/1913Ex George Adams & Sons
Margaret (m)223116/05/1945(Not found)Cut up 1949
Mars2253003/07/1916Ex George Adams & Sons
Martha20215/03/1922Ex Worsey, Toll EndCut up 1947
Mary Ann 7033322/07/1922New
May26912/05/1922Ex Walter Element (Worsey)
May Queen (m)210230/04/1941Ex GUCCC (Praesepe)
Mayflower (m)224708/05/1946Ex GUCCC (Fornax)
Minnie 6631629/06/1922New
Nancy2042820/11/1907Ex Rowley Regis GraniteCut up 1929
Omaha21227/03/1922NewRenamed Joyce
Orion83209/04/1924Ex FMC, BirminghamCut up 1944
Oswald2142106/12/1911Ex Cleveland Iron CoCut up 1934
Patricia209005/06/1940Ex GKN, Cape Arm, Smethwick
Perseverance1984026/08/1905Ex J. Moss, SmethwickCut up 1931
Pink2215330/07/1914Ex Chance & Hunt Ltd, OldburyCut up 1926
Prince Charles (m)214417/03/1943Ex Talbot Garage Co. LtdEx Delphinus (GUCCC)
Princess Anne (m)210026/03/1941Renamed; ex Annie ElizaEx Plato (GUCCC)
Princess Elizabeth (m)212101/04/1942New - FMC, Birmingham Sold 1952
Princess Mary24502/05/1922Ex Charles Nelson & Co LtdCut up 1951
Queen Mary191022/06/1936New
Ronnie209224/07/1940Ex Samuel Barlow Coal Co Ltd
Rose2284806/05/1918Ex George Adams & SonsCut up 1936
Rose109829/09/1925Ex SWS, SmethwickCut up 1951
Ruby1838622/11/1902Ex H. H. Vivian & Co Ltd
Ruby2319425/06/1920Ex J. Holloway
Samuel2011914/12/1906Ex Rowley Regis Granite Cut up 1929
Samuel171706/04/1932Ex W. Elwell, Dudley
Sapphire 8249425/11/1922NewCut up 1954
Sapphire236611/08/1954NewRebuilt ex Crimson
Selina115319/03/1926Ex Chance & Hunt Ltd, OldburyBut up 1928
Snowdrop84224/04/1924NewCut up 1927
Snowdrop112401/12/1925Ex Rowley Regis Granite Cut up 1938
Speedwell 21662516/03/1899New
Stanley & Tommy2144203/02/1912Ex Thomas ElementCut up 1936
Stanley Howard 4414417/12/1921New
Stanley William 216107/07/1943Ex GKN, Cape Arm, Smethwick
Starlight20315/03/1922Ex Worsey, Toll End
Sunflower2314006/04/1920NewSold W. J. Hayward & Co
Surrey1865624/06/1903Ex FMC, Birmingham Later renamed Frederick
Ted96011/11/1924Ex Chance Bros, Spon Lane
Thelma 9837215/08/1922Ex Charles Nelson & Co Ltdformerly Captain Cuttle
Thistle1842606/01/1903Ex D. W. PartridgeCut up 1927
Thomas Raymond211301/04/1942New
Thomas William124114/01/1927New
Tudor Rose (tug)NewBuilt 1947; Not gauged
Tulip111103/11/1925NewRenamed Iris
Turbic93004/10/1924Ex SWS, SmethwickCut up 1945
Walter27616/05/1922Ex Worsey, Toll EndSold W. J. Hayward & Co
Walter 4313908/12/1921New
Wattic92802/10/1924Ex SWS, SmethwickCut up 1951
William 5016609/02/1922New
Yarmouth2227108/02/1915Ex FMC, Birmingham Samuel Barlow Coal Co


FMC – Fellows, Morton & Clayton Ltd, Birmingham
GKN – Guest Keen & Nettlefolds Ltd, Cape Arm, Birmingham
SWS – Staffordshire Shropshire & Worcestershire Electric Power Co, Smethwick

‘New’ indicates new to the Birmingham Canal Navigations’ gauging register. Most of these were genuinely newly built boats, but a few will have come from other carriers

‘Cut Up’ – generally these dates which are shown in the registers are indicative and not 100% accurate.