Winter 2017 - Issue 48

The Winter 2017 issue will be on sale from 29 December and will feature ...

Famous Fleets: Cement Traffic at Harefield

Chris M. Jones looks at the boats and carrying activities of Coles, Shadbolt & Co and its successor, the British Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd

Picturing The Past: Last Days of Fly-Boating

We study the boats, barges andtraffic at Brentford and one of thelastfly-boat carriers working to atimetable between London andAylesbury: John Landon & Co

Time & Place: Indian Summer at Oxford

A look back to the warm days of latesummer and the start of the last threedecades of coal traffic to Oxford

Working on the Waterways: British Waterways Boating

Another delve into PatrickRawlinson’s colour photo archiveshows British Waterways boats atwork during the 1950s