Grand Union Canal Carrying Company

Famous Fleets feature article Issue 14 - Summer 2009

NameFleet noJoined fleetRegistration numberRegistration dateBuilder/sourceNotes
Aber (m)10107/1936Coventry 54329/04/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Aboyne20107/1936Coventry 54125/02/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Achernar (m)110/1935Brentford 54609/11/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Achilles20211/1935Brentford 56318/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Actis20310/1935Brentford 54709/11/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Adelaide20407/1931Rickmansworth 2130/07/1931W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (F)
Advance (m)211/1930Daventry 41702/12/1930Ex John Walker, Bugbrooke (A)
Albert20511/1931Tring 11601/12/1931Bushell Brothers (E)
Alcor (m)411/1935Brentford 55009/11/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Aldebaran (m)301/1935Daventry 46219/02/1935Harland & Wolff and Bushells (H)
Aldgate (m)10308/1936Rickmansworth 13316/02/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Alexandra20610/1931Brentford 48011/11/1931Edward G. Woods (G)
Algol (m)511/1935Brentford 55418/12/1935Harland & Wolff (N)
Alperton20707/1936Coventry 54429/04/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Alphons20811/1935Brentford 55109/11/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Altair20912/1934Rickmansworth 3118/12/1934W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (I)
Alton (m)10207/1936Coventry 53728/01/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Andromeda21011/1935Brentford 55718/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Angel21107/1936Coventry 53828/01/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Anne21207/1931Rickmansworth 2008/10/1931W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (F)
Antares (m)703/1935Rickmansworth 3319/03/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (I)
Antlia (m)801/1936Birmingham 159219/06/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Antony (m)611/1935Brentford 55218/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Aquarius (m)911/1935Brentford 55618/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Aquila (m)1006/1935Brentford 49026/06/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Ara 21306/1935Brentford 49126/06/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Arcas (m)1111/1935Brentford 55818/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Archimedes (m)1211/1935Brentford 56018/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Arcturus (m)1310/1934Rickmansworth 2820/11/1934W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (I)
Argo21406/1935Brentford 51303/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Argon21511/1935Brentford 55518/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Argus21607/1935Brentford 51703/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Ariel21707/1935Rickmansworth 4116/07/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (M)
Aries (m)1407/1935Rickmansworth 4016/07/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (M)
Ascot (m)10408/1936Coventry 54503/06/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Asterope (m)1511/1935Brentford 56218/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Aston21808/1936Rickmansworth 13416/02/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Astraea21909/1935Brentford 53725/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Atalanta22011/1935Brentford 56618/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Atlas (m)1611/1935Brentford 56518/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Auriga (m)1706/1935Brentford 51203/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Aurora22111/1935Brentford 55918/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Aynho (m)10508/1936Brentford 60909/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Ayr22208/1936Brentford 61009/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Badsey (m)10809/1936Brentford 61927/01/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Baildon22310/1936Brentford 60809/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bainton (m)11009/1936Brentford 58809/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bakewell22410/1936Brentford 59909/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Baldock (m)10608/1936Coventry 53231/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Balham22508/1936Brentford 60409/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Banbury22608/1936Coventry 53331/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Banstead (m)10708/1936Brentford 60509/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bargus (m)1811/1935Brentford 56718/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Barnes22709/1936Brentford 62027/01/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Barnet (m)10909/1936Rickmansworth 18121/09/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Barnham (m)11410/1936Brentford 59428/10/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Barrhead22809/1936Rickmansworth 18021/09/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Barrow (m)12507/1936Rickmansworth 8611/08/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Bath (m)11109/1936Brentford 59028/10/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Battersea (m)11210/1936Brentford 59228/10/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R
Bawtry22909/1936Brentford 59128/10/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bayswater23010/1936Brentford 59328/10/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Beaulieu (m)11310/1936Rickmansworth 11415/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bedworth23110/1936Rickmansworth 11515/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Belfast (m)11510/1936Brentford 60709/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bellatrix (m)1910/1935Not registered00/10/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Bellerophon23212/1935Brentford 57018/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Belmont23310/1936Brentford 59528/10/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Berkhamstead23409/1936Brentford 58909/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Betelgeuse23511/1935Brentford 56818/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Beverley23610/1936Brentford 59728/10/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bexhill (m)11610/1936Brentford 59628/10/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bicester (m)11710/1936Brentford 60209/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bideford23710/1936Brentford 60309/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bilster (m)11810/1936Brentford 60009/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bingley23810/1936Brentford 60109/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Birmingham (m)12111/1936Brentford 61509/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bletchley (m)11911/1936Brentford 61309/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bodmin23911/1936Brentford 61409/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bognor (m)12011/1936Brentford 61109/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bootes (m)2012/1935Brentford 56918/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Bordesley24011/1936Brentford 61609/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bournemouth (m)12212/1936Brentford 62227/01/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Branksome24111/1936Brentford 61209/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Brighton24211/1936Brentford 61809/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bristol (m)12312/1936Brentford 62327/01/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Buckden (m)12412/1936Brentford 62127/01/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bude24311/1936Brentford 61709/12/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (R)
Bury24407/1936Rickmansworth 7621/07/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Buxton (m)12607/1936Coventry 54025/02/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Byfield24507/1936Rickmansworth 8711/08/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Caldy (m)12708/1936Rickmansworth 9222/09/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Callisto (m)2112/1935Brentford 57118/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Calstock (m)12812/1936Brentford 62427/01/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Cambourne (m)12912/1936Brentford 62527/01/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Canis24612/1935Brentford 57618/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Cantley (m)13301/1937Rickmansworth 16620/07/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Capella24712/1935Brentford 57218/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Capricorn (m)2207/1935Brentford 50424/07/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Cardiff24808/1936Rickmansworth 9122/09/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Carina24910/1935Brentford 54909/11/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Carnaby (m)13401/1937Coventry 54225/02/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Cassiopeia (m)2306/1935Brentford 49424/07/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Castor (m)2404/1935Rickmansworth 3621/05/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (M)
Centauri (m)2506/1935Brentford 50024/07/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Cepheus (m)2606/1935Brentford 48826/06/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Ceres (m)2709/1935Brentford 53225/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Cetus25006/1935Brentford 50124/07/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Chalfont25104/1937Rickmansworth 15018/05/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Cheam25205/1937Rickmansworth 15218/05/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Chertsey (m)13001/1937Coventry 53925/02/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Chesham25305/1937Rickmansworth 15318/05/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Chipstead25405/1937Rickmansworth 15615/06/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Chiswick (m)13101/1937Rickmansworth 15120/04/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Cleopatra25511/1935Brentford 55318/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Clypeus (m)2806/1935Brentford 49624/07/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Cobham25605/1937Rickmansworth 15815/06/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Coleshill (m)13201/1937Coventry 54702/09/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Columba (m)2912/1935Brentford 57318/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Comet (m)3008/1935Brentford 52403/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Coniston25706/1937Rickmansworth 15915/06/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Coombe Abbey25810/1932Daventry 43501/11/1932Ex Rupert Craven, Faringdon (A)
Corolla (m)3112/1935Brentford 57518/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Corona (m)3212/1935Brentford 57718/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Coronis25912/1935Brentford 57818/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Corvus26006/1935Brentford 49924/07/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Coughton26106/1937Rickmansworth 16820/07/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Count26202/1934Tring 12106/03/1934Ex Bells United Asbestos Co (A)
Countess26302/1934Tring 12206/03/1934Ex Bells United Asbestos Co (A)
Crater26407/1935Brentford 50524/07/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Crux26506/1935Brentford 49524/07/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Cygnus26606/1935Brentford 48926/06/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Darley (m)13501/1937Rickmansworth 16015/06/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Deimos (m)3312/1935Brentford 58022/01/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Delphinus (m)3409/1935Birmingham 157818/10/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Denebola (m)3512/1935Brentford 58222/01/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Denton26706/1937Rickmansworth 16920/07/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Dipper26812/1935Brentford 58122/01/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Dodona26912/1935Brentford 57418/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Dorado (m)3612/1935Brentford 58422/01/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Dorney Court (m)3701/1935Daventry 405 +D28925/03/1930Ex John Brookes, Bedworth (A)
Dover (m)13602/1937Rickmansworth 18421/09/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Downham27007/1937Rickmansworth 17320/07/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Draco27109/1935Birmingham 157918/10/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Dubhe27212/1935Brentford 58322/01/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Duchess27306/1931Brentford 47924/06/1931Edward G. Woods (G)
Dudley27408/1937Rickmansworth 17921/09/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Duke (m)3810/1931Tring 11701/12/1931W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (C)
Dunstable (m)13702/1937Rickmansworth 15418/05/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Ealing27509/1937Rickmansworth 18321/09/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Edgware (m)13802/1937Rickmansworth 17220/07/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Edward (m)3911/1931Daventry 42922/03/1932W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (C)
Electra (m)4010/1935Rickmansworth 4805/11/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Elsie Edith27601/1935Tamworth 104 +19/09/1931Ex John Brookes, Bedworth (A)
Elstree (m)13902/1937Rickmansworth 16115/06/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Elton27712/1937Rickmansworth 18621/09/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Enceladus (m)4108/1935Birmingham 157720/09/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Epsom (m)14003/1937Rickmansworth 19418/01/1938Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Eridanus (m)4207/1935Brentford 53425/09/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Ethiopia27810/1935Rickmansworth 4905/11/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Ewell27912/1937Rickmansworth 18919/10/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Feltham28012/1937Rickmansworth 19019/10/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Fenny (m)14103/1937Rickmansworth 19216/11/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Fomalhaut (m)4311/1935Rickmansworth 5005/11/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Fornax (m)4412/1935Rickmansworth 5208/01/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Fulbourne (m)14203/1937Rickmansworth 17420/07/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Fulwell26112/1937Rickmansworth 19318/01/1938W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Gainsborough (m)14303/1937Rickmansworth 17721/09/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Gemini (m)4507/1935Brentford 51603/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
George (m)4602/1929Tring 10805/02/1929Steel Barrel Co. Ltd (B)
Glaxy28201/1936Rickmansworth 5818/02/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Glossor28302/1938Rickmansworth 19615/03/1938W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Greenlaw (m)14503/1937Rickmansworth 15715/06/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Greenock (m)14404/1937Rickmansworth 16720/07/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Gretna28403/1938Rickmansworth 19715/03/1938W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Grus (m)4701/1936Rickmansworth 5408/01/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Guiseley28504/1938Rickmansworth 19819/04/1938W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Hadfield28605/1938Rickmansworth 19920/09/1938W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Hadley (m)14705/1937Rickmansworth 17120/07/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Hagley28709/1938Rickmansworth 20020/09/1938W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Hale28811/1938Rickmansworth 20125/03/1939W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Halsall (m)14906/1936Rickmansworth 7921/07/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Halton28907/1936Rickmansworth 7421/07/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Hampstead (m)14604/1937Rickmansworth 16315/06/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Hawk (The) (m)4801/1929Daventry 39818/06/1929Ex Midland Canal Transport (A)
Hawkesbury (m)14805/1937Rickmansworth 17020/07/1937Harland & Wolff Ltd (S)
Hebe29002/1936Rickmansworth 6117/03/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Hector29111/1935Rickmansworth 5105/11/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Henry (m)4907/1931Rickmansworth 2208/10/1931James Pollock Sons & Co Ltd (D)
Hercules (m)5009/1935Brentford 54025/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Hesperus (m)5102/1936Rickmansworth 5718/02/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Hyades29205/1935Brentford 51503/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Hydra (m)5207/1935Brentford 49624/07/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Hydrus29307/1935Brentford 49724/07/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Hyperion (m)5305/1935Brentford 51403/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Indus29407/1935Brentford 50903/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Isis (m)5402/1936Rickmansworth 6018/02/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Josephine Marguerite (m)5510/1932Daventry 43601/11/1932Ex Rupert Craven, Faringdon (A)
Juno29508/1935Brentford 53103/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Jupiter (m)5612/1934Brentford 48719/12/1934Edward G Woods (J)
Kelso (m)15107/1936Rickmansworth 8400/12/1934W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Kenilworth (m)15006/1936Rickmansworth 8021/07/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Kew29607/1936Rickmansworth 7521/07/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Knebworth29707/1936Rickmansworth 7721/07/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Lacerta (m)5707/1935Brentford 52003/09/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Ladybank (m)15207/1936Rickmansworth 8511/08/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Lambourne29807/1936Rickmansworth 7821/07/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Lancing (m)15407/1936Rickmansworth 8611/08/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Langho29908/1936Rickmansworth 8211/08/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Leo30007/1935Brentford 53525/09/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Leonids30106/1936Rickmansworth 14116/03/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)
Lepus30207/1935Brentford 52103/09/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Letchworth (m)15307/1936Rickmansworth 8911/08/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Libra (m)5810/1935Brentford 54809/11/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Lichfield30308/1936Rickmansworth 8111/08/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Lupus30401/1936Birmingham 159319/06/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Lynx30510/1935Rickmansworth 12015/12/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Lyra30608/1935Birmingham 157620/09/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Maia (m)5903/1936Rickmansworth 6221/04/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Malus30710/1935Coventry 53531/12/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Marcellus30811/1935Brentford 56118/12/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Marfak30905/1936Rickmansworth 7119/05/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Mars31012/1934Brentford 48619/12/1934Edward G. Woods (J)
Mary*38802/1929Tring 10905/02/1929Steel Barrel Co. Ltd (B)
Medusa31103/1936Rickmansworth 6321/04/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Merak31204/1936Rickmansworth 6521/04/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Mercury (m)6009/1935Brentford 53625/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Merope (m)6104/1936Rickmansworth 6421/04/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Meteor31308/1935Brentford 52503/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Milky Way31404/1936Rickmansworth 6721/04/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Mimas (m)6209/1935Rickmansworth 4617/09/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (M)
Mira (m)6304/1936Rickmansworth 6621/04/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Mizar (m)6405/1936Rickmansworth 6819/05/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Monoceros (m)6505/1936Rickmansworth 7019/05/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Moon31508/1935Brentford 52303/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Musca31609/1935Rickmansworth 4717/09/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (M)
Naburn (m)15508/1936Rickmansworth 17520/07/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Nebulae31710/1935Brentford 54523/10/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Neptune (m)6612/1934Rickmansworth 3018/12/1934W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (I)
Neston31808/1936Rickmansworth 9322/09/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Norton31908/1936Rickmansworth 8311/08/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Nuneaton (m)15608/1936Rickmansworth 15515/06/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Nunhead32008/1936Rickmansworth 9011/08/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Nutfield (m)15708/1936Rickmansworth 9722/09/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Oakley (m)15908/1936Rickmansworth 9820/10/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Oberon (m)6706/1935Rickmansworth 4230/07/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (M)
Octans32108/1935Rickmansworth 4330/07/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (M)
Orion32201/1935Daventry 46319/02/1935Harland & Wolff and Bushells (H)
Orpheus (m)6806/1936Rickmansworth 7216/06/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Otley (m)15808/1936Rickmansworth 9622/09/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Oulton32308/1936Rickmansworth 9422/09/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Oxted32409/1936Rickmansworth 9522/09/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Padbury32509/1936Rickmansworth 10020/10/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Paddington (m)16009/1936Rickmansworth 9920/10/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Pallas32609/1935Brentford 53325/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Pavo32707/1935Brentford 50324/07/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Pegasus (m)6907/1935Brentford 50224/07/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Penelope32801/1936Brentford 58724/06/1936Edward G. Woods (Q)
Perseus (m)7007/1935Brentford 50624/07/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Phaethon32906/1936Rickmansworth 7316/06/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Phobos (m)7107/1935Brentford 50803/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Phoebe33006/1935Rickmansworth 3918/06/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (M)
Phoenix (m)7206/1935Rickmansworth 3818/06/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (M)
Phosphorus33102/1936Rickmansworth 5918/02/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Pictor33207/1935Brentford 50724/07/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Pinner (m)16109/1936Brentford 59809/12/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Pisces (m)7305/1935Birmingham 157420/09/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Planet (m)7410/1935Brentford 54423/10/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Plato (m)7508/1935Brentford 52803/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Pleiades33312/1935Brentford 58626/02/1936Edward G. Woods (Q)
Pleione (m)7612/1935Brentford 56418/12/1935Edward G. Woods (Q)
Polaris33408/1935Brentford 51903/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Pollux33504/1935Rickmansworth 3721/05/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (M)
Poplar33609/1936Rickmansworth 10120/10/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Praesepe (m)7701/1936Brentford 57922/01/1936Edward G. Woods (Q)
Prince (m)7807/1931Rickmansworth 2308/10/1931James Pollock Sons & Co Ltd (D)
Princess33707/1931Tring 11501/09/1931Bushell Brothers (E)
Prosperity33811/1930Daventry 41802/12/1930Ex John Walker, Bugbrooke (A)
Puppis33905/1935Birmingham 157520/09/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Purley34009/1936Rickmansworth 10220/10/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Purton (m)16209/1936Rickmansworth 10420/10/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Radiant (m)7911/1935Birmingham 159119/06/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)
Rawdon34210/1936Rickmansworth 10320/10/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Ray34112/1935Rickmansworth 5308/01/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Reading (m)16310/1936Rickmansworth 11115/12/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Regulus34311/1935Birmingham 159019/06/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)
Renfrew (m)16510/1936Rickmansworth 11315/12/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Renton (m)16410/1936Rickmansworth 11815/12/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Rigal34412/1935Brentford 58522/01/1936Harland & Wolff Ltd (N)
Roade34511/1936Rickmansworth 10515/12/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Romsey34611/1936Rickmansworth 10615/12/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Rufford (m)16610/1936Brentford 60609/12/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Rugby34703/1933Daventry 44218/04/1933Ex Fellows Morton & Clayton (A)
Ruislip34811/1936Rickmansworth 10715/12/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Sagitta (m)8006/1935Brentford 52603/09/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Saltaire (m)16710/1936Rickmansworth 12215/12/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Saltley34911/1936Rickmansworth 10815/12/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Sarpedon35003/1936Rickmansworth 18821/09/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)
Satellite35109/1935Brentford 54323/10/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Saturn35211/1934Tring 12501/01/1935Harland & Wolff and Bushells (H)
Scales35301/1936Rickmansworth 19119/10/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)
Scorpio (m)8110/1935Coventry 53431/12/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Sculptor (m)8211/1935Birmingham 158415/05/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Seaford (m)16810/1936Rickmansworth 13516/02/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Seascale ++35401/1937Rickmansworth 10915/12/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Serpens35506/1935Brentford 52703/09/1935W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Sextans (m)8301/1936Never registeredW.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)
Shamrock35602/1934Tring 11820/02/1934Ex Bushell Brothers, Tring (A)
Shilton35711/1936Rickmansworth 11015/12/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Shirley (m)16910/1936Rickmansworth 12115/12/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Sickle (m)8403/1936Rickmansworth 18721/09/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)
Sirius35810/1934Rickmansworth 2920/11/1934W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (I)
Slinfold35912/1936Rickmansworth 11215/12/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Slough (m)17010/1936Rickmansworth 11915/12/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Southall (m)17111/1936Rickmansworth 13019/01/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Southam ++36001/1937Rickmansworth 11615/12/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Southern Cross (m)8508/1935Brentford 51803/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Speedy (m)8602/1934Tring 12006/03/1934Ex Rupert Craven, Faringdon (A)
Spica36103/1935Rickmansworth 3419/03/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (I)
Stamford (m)17211/1936Rickmansworth 17620/07/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Stanton (m)17311/1936Coventry 53631/12/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Star (m)8709/1935Brentford 54223/10/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Starcross ++36202/1937Rickmansworth 11715/12/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Staverton ++36302/1937Rickmansworth 12419/01/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Stirling (m)17411/1936Rickmansworth 12619/01/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Stoulton36412/1936Rickmansworth 12319/01/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Stratford (m)17512/1936Rickmansworth 12819/01/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Streatham36501/1937Rickmansworth 12519/01/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Sudbury (m)17612/1936Rickmansworth 12919/01/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Sun (m)8808/1935Brentford 52203/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Sunbury36601/1937Rickmansworth 12719/01/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Surbiton36702/1937Rickmansworth 13116/02/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Sutton (m)17712/1936Rickmansworth 18221/09/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Tadworth (m)17801/1937Rickmansworth 13616/02/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Taplow36801/1937Rickmansworth 13216/02/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Tarporley (m)18202/1937Rickmansworth 14720/04/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Taunton36903/1937Rickmansworth 14216/03/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Taurus37005/1936Birmingham 159419/06/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)
Taygeta (m)8904/1936Birmingham 158719/06/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)
Tayport37103/1937Rickmansworth 13916/03/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Thaxted (m)17901/1937Rickmansworth 16420/07/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Thea37204/1936Birmingham 159717/07/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)
Themis (m)9005/1935Brentford 51003/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Theophilus (m)9104/1936Birmingham 159817/07/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)
Thoth37305/1936Birmingham 160218/12/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)
Tilbury37402/1937Rickmansworth 13716/03/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Tipton (m)18001/1937Rickmansworth 18521/09/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Titania37505/1935Brentford 51103/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Tiverton37602/1937Rickmansworth 13816/03/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Toucan37711/1935Birmingham 158515/05/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (L)
Towcester (m)18102/1937Rickmansworth 14420/04/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Triagulum37804/1936Birmingham 158619/06/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)
Tucana (m)9205/1936Birmingham 159519/06/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)
Tycho (m)9305/1936Birmingham 160118/12/1936W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)
Tydd37903/1937Rickmansworth 14316/03/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Tyseley (m)18303/1937Rickmansworth 14920/04/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Umbriel (m)9408/1935Rickmansworth 4417/09/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (M)
Uranus38008/1935Brentford 52903/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Ursa38108/1935Rickmansworth 4517/09/1935W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (M)
Usworth (m)18403/1937Rickmansworth 17821/09/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Uttoxeter38203/1937Rickmansworth 14520/04/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Vela38307/1935Brentford 49224/07/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Venus (m)9511/1934Tring 12401/01/1935Harland & Wolff and Bushells (H)
Vesta (m)9608/1935Brentford 53003/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Victoria (m)9710/1931Brentford 48111/11/1931W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (C)
Virginis38409/1935Brentford 54125/09/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Virgo (m)9807/1935Brentford 49324/07/1935Harland & Wolff Ltd (K)
Whitby (m)18504/1937Rickmansworth 19518/01/1938W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
William (m)9911/1931Rickmansworth 2621/04/1932W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (C)
Wivenhoe38504/1937Rickmansworth 14620/04/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Yeoford (m)18604/1937Coventry 54601/07/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (T)
Yeovil38604/1937Rickmansworth 14820/04/1937W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (U)
Zenith38705/1936Rickmansworth 6919/05/1936W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd (P)
Zodiac (m)10006/1936Rickmansworth 14016/03/1937W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd (O)



Key Description 

A 5 wooden motors, 6 wooden & one iron composite butty (Rugby) from other carriers 


Key Description 

B Prototype steel pair by Steel Barrel Co. Ltd, Uxbridge, Middlesex (cabin work by Bushells, Tring)

C 4 coppered-steel motor boat hulls by W.J. Yarwood & Sons Ltd, Northwich, Cheshire

D 2 coppered steel motor boats by James Pollock Sons & Co. Ltd, Faversham, Kent

E 2 wooden butties by Bushell Brothers, Tring, Hertfordshire

F 2 wooden butties by W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire

G 2 wooden butties by Edward G. Woods, Staffordshire Wharf, Brentford, Middlesex


Key Description

H 2 prototype wooden pairs by Harland & Wolff Ltd, Woolwich (cabin work by Bushells)

I 3 prototype wooden pairs by W.H. Walker & Brothers Ltd., Rickmansworth

J 1 prototype wooden pair by Edward G. Woods, Brentford

K 24 composite pairs by Harland & Wolff with iron sides and elm bottoms (Small Woolwich)

L 12 composite pairs by Yarwoods with iron sides and elm bottoms (Small Northwich)

M 6 wooden pairs by Walkers with oak sides and elm bottoms (Small Ricky)

N 18 composite pairs by Harland & Wolff with mild steel sides and elm bottoms (Small Woolwich

O 8 pairs from Yarwoods with steel sides and steel ìVeeî bottoms (Middle Northwich)

P 12 wooden pairs by Walkers with oak sides and elm bottoms (Small Ricky)

Q 2 wooden pairs by Woods with oak sides and elm bottoms


Key Description

R 24 pairs by Harland & Wolff with mild steel sides and bottoms (Large Woolwich)

S 24 motors from Harland & Wolff with steel sides and bottoms (Large Woolwich)

T 38 motors by Yarwoods with steel sides and bottoms (Large Northwich)

U 62 wooden butties by Walkers with oak sides and elm bottoms (Large Ricky)


* The butty Mary never had an official fleet number

+ The registrations for Dorney Court and Elsie Edith relate to the previous owner.

++ The registrations for Seascale, Southam, Starcross and Staverton predate their entry into the fleet as sometimes a boat’s cabin was completed in advance of other construction work enabling the Public Health examination to take place and the certificate to be issued before the launch.