John Griffiths

Famous Fleets feature article Issue 23 - Autumn 2011

from 1885 onwards

NameFleet noJoined fleetRegistration numberRegistration dateBuilder/sourceNotes
Aire07/1906Coventry 31810/07/1906New. Bu 1925
Aire09/1925Coventry 49901/10/1925Ex George Tooley [Banbury Cross]
Alice04/1918Coventry 44111/09/1919Ex Wolvercote Mill Co. To WCC
Anker10/1907Coventry 33729/10/1907Ex Joseph Dunham, Tusses Bridge. Cn 1933
Ann Maria04/1890Coventry 5922/04/1890Ex Benjamin Causer, Coventry. To David Busby, Hillmorton, 1893
Annie06/1899Coventry 20612/06/1899Ex James Clay, Foleshill. Bu by Nursers,1926
Ant (s)11/1907Coventry 34326/11/1907Ex John Thornycroft & Co. Ex FMC [Duchess] Open boat, 1910
Avon3005/1923Coventry 47707/06/1923New. To WCC
Avon 03/1902Towcester 16314/03/1902Ex Henry Humphries, Lower Heyford [Rose of Sharon]
Avon02/1915Towcester 191Ex Thomas Andrews
Brent08/1905Berkhamsted 39407/10/1905Ex William Clarke [Sarah]
Brent04/1908Berkhamsted 394New by F.W. & A. Sephton. Registration re-used.
Brentford (w)06/1907Brentford 29208/04/1902Ex Thomas Griffiths, Brentford. Sold 1912
Calder5510/1907Coventry 34112/11/1907New. To WCC
Caroline04/1918Coventry 44311/09/1919Ex Wolvercote Mill Co. To WCC
City of London04/1913Coventry 39001/05/1913Ex Parrott Brother, Droitwich
Clyde5712/1909Coventry 35504/12/1909New. Bu 1936
Clyde 04/1912Coventry 30302/05/1912Ex Rayner Perkins, Exhall [Mabel]
Crescent06/1922Coventry 30729/06/1922Ex Willam Boon & Sons, Nuneaton
Dart09/1906Coventry 32202/10/1906Ex Henry Balderson & Son, Boxmoor Bu 1922
Dart08/1927Coventry 50901/09/1927Ex Joseph Rice, Gloucester [Reliance]
Dee3411/1902Coventry 28618/11/1902Ex E. Griffiths, sold
Dee07/1905Coventry 286New. Registration re-used.
Despatch (w)07/1905Not found
Don3308/1902Coventry 28302/09/1902Ex Frederick Lines, Nuneaton [Nancy]. To William Nurser, Braunston
Don08/1902Coventry 283Ex John Woodward, Coventry, Registration re-used.
Don07/1923Coventry 48007/02/1924Ex Lockhurst Lane Co-operative Society
Dorothy04/1918Coventry 45208/01/1920Ex Wolvercote Mill Company. To WCC
Eliza Sophia04/1918Towcester 82Ex Emanuel Smith & Son Ltd. Became open boat
Elizabeth05/1916Banbury 15322/05/1916Ex John Walker, Banbury
Enterprise09/1886Coventry 17328/09/1886Ex John Griffiths, Leabrook
Enterprise (m)00/1914Coventry 362Ex steamer. Registration re-used. To WCC.
Enterprise (s)09/1910Coventry 36220/09/1910New. To motor boat
Glendower (w)03/1916London 47907/03/1916Ex Alexander J. Harmsworth, Aldershot. Cn 1924
Grace (w)06/1907Brentford 31503/10/1911
Harriett06/1903Coventry 28816/06/1903Ex Enoch Wood, Buckby
Harriett3911/1919Coventry 288Ex Kaye & Co Ltd [Coronation]. Registration re-used. To WCC
Harriett (w)06/1907Uxbridge 42124/09/1907Ex Thomas Griffiths, Brentford
Harry04/1894Towcester 6717/04/1894
Harry07/1900Coventry 25910/07/1900Ex William Bates, Coventry
Irene11/1923Brentford 42018/12/1923Ex Emanuel Smith & Sons Ltd [The Miller]
Irwell2012/1894Coventry 223
Coventry 223
Old boat. Fore cabin removed 1904
Isis3709/1903Coventry 29122/09/1903New. Bu 1931
Isis10/1930Coventry 52202/10/1930Ex Emanuel Smith & Son. [Rugby]. To WCC
Isleworth (w)06/1907Berkhamsted 355Ex Thomas Griffiths, Brentford. Registration re-used.
James03/1886Coventry 4306/03/1886Ex Francis Sephton, Hawkesbury
James01/1908Coventry 43Ex John Proctor, Chilvers Coton. Registration re-used.
Jane1208/1892Hinckley 7306/09/1892Ex John Bradley, Measham. Bu by Nursers, 1926
John06/1915Uxbridge 402Ex John Shad, Yiewsley [Jane]. Registration re-used.
John08/1924Coventry 48504/09/1924Ex George Tooley, Banbury
John (w)06/1907Brentford 300Ex Thomas Griffiths, Brentford. Registration re-used.
Jubilee (s)03/1907Coventry 33016/04/1907Ex Richard Rudd, Cowley Peachey [Perseverance]
KateNot foundEx John Corbett
Kew (w)06/1907Not registeredSold 1917
Leam4303/1905Coventry 30121/03/1905New. To WCC
Leonard04/1912Coventry 29708/06/1913Ex Rayner Perkins, Exhall
Lily (w)06/1907Not foundEx Thomas Griffiths, Brentford
Maria Jane1909/1898Brentford 25120/09/1898
Mary04/1918Coventry 44804/11/1919Ex Wolvercote Mill Company. To WCC
Mary Ann (w)06/1907Brentford 299Ex Thomas Griffiths, Brentford. Registration re-used.
Maurice11/1923Daventry 36013/11/1923Ex Kaye & Co Ltd, Southam [Edward VII]
Mersey2706/1900Coventry 25626/06/1900New
Mersey08/1924Coventry 48404/09/1924Ex Shropshire Union Railways & Canal Co [Shark]
Mersey2703/1934Coventry 52929/03/1934New. To WCC
Nene809/1890Coventry 19309/09/1890Old boat
Nene06/1918Coventry 368Ex Frances E. Orton [Mascot]. Registration re-used. To WCC
No 5Not registeredEx Eliza Sophia. Joined fleet c.1932
No 603/1925Not registeredOpen boat
No 6003/1925Not registeredOpen boat
No 7004/1907No registeredOpen boat, Ex William B. Fox
Ouse06/1895Coventry 22618/06/1895New. To WCC
Perseverance10/1912Coventry 31507/11/1912Ex William Neal, Napton
Premier (m)10/1930Coventry 52302/10/1930Ex Emanuel Smith & Sons. To WCC
Queen11/1900Berkhamsted 11808/11/1900Ex Joseph Taylor
Queen05/1916Berkhamsted 118Ex John Walker. Registration re-used.
Queen11/1924Banbury 2717/11/1924Ex Frances E. Orton [Leslie] To WCC
Rival04/1886Coventry 16727/04/1886Ex John Griffiths, Leabrook. Renamed Tees 1904
Rival06/1913Coventry 39202/07/1913New. To WCC
Rose Mary09/1919Coventry 44411/09/1919Ex Edith Riley, Foleshill. To WCC
Sarah 04/1890Coventry 17122/04/1890Ex Francis Sephton, Hawkesbury
Sarah04/1901Coventry 26316/04/1901Became Soar
Sarah05/1918Coventry 403Ex F.W. & A. Sephton. Registration re-used.
Sarah Eliza (w)06/1907Uxbridge 48224/06/1913Ex Thomas Griffiths, Brentford
Severn2106/1898Coventry 24205/07/1898New. Cn 1913
Severn2112/1913Coventry 242New. Registration re-used.
Severn2109/1926Coventry 242New. Registration re-used. To WCC
Soar3811/1903Coventry 29317/11/1903Ex George Berrill
Soar01/1906Uxbridge 403Ex John Shad, Yiewsley [Two Sisters]
Soar03/1924Coventry 48127/03/1924Ex John Millwood [Re Echo]
Soar10/1930Daventry 41207/10/1930Ex Emanuel Smith & Sons [Daventry]
Speedwell (s)05/1909Coventry 35424/08/1909New. To C.W. Beckett 1919
Stour3606/1903Coventry 28916/06/1903Ex Benjamin Beasley, Hawkesbury. Bu 1931
Stour11/1919Coventry 289Ex Phipps & Co, Northampton. Registration re-used.
Stour04/1931Coventry 52530/04/1931Ex Emanuel Smith & Sons [Teddington]. To WCC
TameNot foundOld boat. Ex James Draper
Tame2311/1907Coventry 34012/11/1907Ex Henry Simpson [Why Not]
Tame12/1912Coventry 340Ex John Walker [Prosperity]. Registration re-used.
Tame11/1924Coventry 48904/12/1924New. To WCC
Tay01/1906Coventry 30906/02/1906New. To WCC
Tees06/1904Coventry 29828/06/1904Ex Rival
Thames2202/1915Uxbridge 49623/02/1915Ex Thomas Andrews [Alice Elizabeth]
Thames2203/1899Coventry 24628/03/1899Ex Joseph Phipkin
The Arrow06/1918Coventry 38808/04/1919Ex Frances E. Orton, Bedworth.
Thelma10/1925Coventry 50119/11/1925New. To WCC
Thomas10/1891Coventry 20013/10/1891Old boat
Thomas08/1894Towcester 7221/08/1894
Thomas 02/1906Coventry 200Ex Joseph Phipkin, Tusses Bridge. Registration re-used.
Trent2508/1899Coventry 24929/08/1899Old boat. To WCC
Tulip04/1890Brentford 9901/04/1890Ex John Proctor, Chilvers Coton. To Mary Ann Woodward
Tweed06/1902Coventry 27908/07/1902New. Bu 1931
Tweed07/1931Coventry 52602/07/1931Ex Emanuel Smith & Sons [Rose Ethel]. To WCC
Two Sisters09/1901Coventry 26417/09/1901Ex Mrs John Franks. To William Wilson, Tusses Bridge
Tyne3106/1902Coventry 27808/07/1902New. Became day boat 1913
Ure4602/1906Coventry 31020/02/1906New. To WCC
Violet (w)09/1915Uxbridge 49828/09/1915New. Sold 1924
Weaver2307/1901Towcester 15802/07/1901
Weaver2301/1917Banbury 1605/01/1917
Wey4408/1905Coventry 30405/09/1905New
Wey05/1929Coventry 51706/06/1929New. To WCC
William4509/1905Berkhamsted 39307/10/1905Ex William Clarke
William (w)06/1907Berkhamsted 420Ex Thomas Griffiths, Brentford. Registration re-used.
Wye3501/1903Coventry 28724/02/1903New. To WCC
Wye3501/1935Banbury 15300/01/1903Ex John Walker, Banbury [Elizabeth]

Bu – broken up 
Cn – cancelled 
(s) – steamer 
(w) – wide boat or barge 
[ ] – boat’s previous name 
WCC – Warwickshire Canal Carrying Co Ltd   
In several cases boats joining the fleet often seem to have acquired the same registration number as their predecessors, but without this being recorded in the register itself. As a result in these cases the ‘new’ registration date is not recorded. This may well have been done to avoid paying the fee for a new entry.