Warwickshire Canal Carrying Co Ltd

Famous Fleets feature article Issue 30 - Summer 2013

NameFleet noJoined fleetRegistration numberRegistration dateBuilder/sourceNotes
Ada12/1942Not registeredEx LMS Railway (day boat)
Alice (m)Coventry 53102/07/1936Ex ECCC
Calder (m)Coventry 53030/04/1936Ex ECCC
Charlie04/1946Coventry 51010/04/1946Ex Charles Abell Ltd
Diamond (m)01/1955Coventry 54903/02/1955Ex Samuel Barlow Coal Co. Ltd
DorothyCoventry 45231/08/1937Ex ECCC
Enterprise (m)05/1945Coventry 36220/08/1945Ex ECCC
Florence01/1945Coventry 51806/01/1939Ex ECCC
Harriett01/1945Coventry 28829/01/1937Ex ECCC
James (m)12/1942Daventry 45215/05/1934Ex WCCC
Mayflower08/1946Coventry 35323/01/1920Ex WCCC
MerseyCoventry 52929/03/1934Ex ECCC
No 6Not registeredEx WCCC (day boat)
No 60Not registeredEx WCCC (day boat)
Phyllis08/1946Warwick 13921/04/1925Ex WCCC
Premier (m)Coventry 52310/11/1936Ex ECCC
RivalCoventry 39231/03/1939Ex ECCC
Sapphire05/1955Coventry 55113/06/1955Ex Ure
Severn09/1946Coventry 24200/05/1955Ex WCCC
Stour08/1946Coventry 52530/04/1931Ex WCCC
Ted08/1946Not registeredNot known (day boat)
Thelma Coventry 50106/01/1938Ex ECCC
Ure09/1946Coventry 310 20/02/1906Ex WCCC - renamed Sapphire

JG:  John Griffiths 
ECCC:  Erewash Canal Carrying Company 
OC:   Oxford Canal Co 
G:   Grand Union Canal Co
(m):  motor boat

Full details of Gauging numbers were published in the original article in Summer 2013 issue of NarrowBoat