Thomas Clayton (Paddington) Ltd

Boats joining the fleet after the 1910 change of name   

This list is compiled mainly from the Grand Junction Canal gauging registers as initially few of the craft needed to be registered for public heath purposes. It does not include the St Marylebone fleet which is shown in a separate table

Famous Fleets feature article Issue 37 - Spring 2015

NameFleet noJoined fleetRegistration numberRegistration dateBuilder/sourceNotes
60Open boatNew
61Open boatNew
62Open boatNew
64Open boatNew
65 (Goldfinch)Paddington 21716/05/1911Ex William Boyer & Sons
67 (Busy Bee)Paddington 21303/01/1911Ex Henry Hayes
68 (Trout)Paddington 21521/02/1911Ex Albert Odell, West Drayton
69 (Challenger)Paddington 22003/11/1911Ex Albert Odell, West Drayton
70 (Brent)Open boatRebuilt, ex Wallington & Co
71Open boatNew
73 (Mars)Paddington 22203/11/1911Ex Albert Odell, West Drayton
75 (Meteor)Berkhamsted 38602/06/1904Ex Albert Odell, West Drayton
Adelaide Rickmansworth 2130/07/1931GUCCC
Albert Tring 11601/12/1931GUCCC
AlexandraBrentford 46011/11/1931GUCCC
Anne Rickmansworth 2031/07/1931GUCCC
AsbesticNot registeredEx H. Sabey & Co Ltd
BeresfordPaddington 23104/11/1913Ex William Boyer & Sons
BoadiceaPaddington 23204/11/1913Ex William Boyer & Sons
CharlesUxbridge 53630/10/1923Ex William Buck, Brentford
ChessBerkhamsted 43720/11/1906Ex Thomas Clayton (Oldbury) Ltd
DauntlessBerkhamsted 29214/08/1899Ex Albert Odell, West Drayton
ElizabethPaddington 21421/02/1911Ex Henry Lines, Paddington
EvelynNot registeredBuilt 1898
FirebrandUxbridge 56423/10/1928Ex J.A. King & Co Ltd
GeorgeTring 7508/08/1916Ex T.W. Toovey Ltd
GracePaddington 24006/10/1914Built 1898
HenriettePaddington 31426/05/1925Ex Gelatinous White Company
LeonardTring 9101/08/1922Ex T.W. Toovey Ltd
MaryBrentford 41224/04/1923Ex Brentford Gas Company
MollieUxbridge 44623/03/1910Gauge details not found
NeptunePaddington 22320/02/1912Ex William Boyer & Sons
PerchOpen boatEx Gardner & Company
PikeOpen boatEx Gardner & Company
Powerful (steam tug)Paddington 23517/02/1914New in 1900, sold 1941. Not gauged
RoachOpen boatEx Gardner & Company
ThundererPaddington 22622/05/1912Ex William Boyer & Sons
UxbridgePaddington 23605/05/1914Ex John Hobbs

Fleet numbers 63, 66, 72 and 74 have not be traced, but might well be one of the named boats above. Previous names are shown in brackets

GUCCC – narrowboat from the Grand Union Canal Carrying Co