Winter 2018 - Issue 52

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Front cover: Samuel Barlow Coal Company Ltd acquiring second-hand craft from various sources during World War II. One was butty Unostentatious, owned by boatman Daniel Doughty of Linslade. Bought by Barlows in February 1940, after docking, the company renamed her Nell.

Working the Waterways: Carriers at War

Chris M. Jones studies the activities and politics of canal-carrying in the South Midlands up to and during World War II

Historical Profile: Inspection Boats

Part two of Cath Turpin’s exploration of the variety of craft once used to survey the condition of the inland waterways

Picturing the Past: British Waterways: Northbound on the GU

Another delve into the photo archive of Patrick Rawlinson shows British Waterways craft working northbound on the Grand Union

Historical Profile: Pride of the Thames

Chris M. Jones reveals the story behind two well-known and often reproduced 1870s engravings of a narrowboat on the Upper Thames

From the Archives: The Listener

Joseph Boughey discovers waterway tidbits in a defunct magazine’s online archive

Picturing the Past: Failsworth Wharf

Chris M. Jones reveals the story of a family of textile workers who took up boating on the Rochdale Canal in the 1870s

Last Traffic: Losing a Vital Facility

Hugh Potter uncovers a fascinating document recording the last traffic on the Cromford Canal when it closed in 1944

Picturing the Past: Final Years of Carrying on the Wilts & Berks

Chris M. Jones examines two rare images of carrying on the Wilts & Berks Canal during its latter years of trade

Historical canal maps: Potteries Prelude

Richard Dean describes the earliest surviving survey for the Trent & Mersey Canal

A Broader Outlook: Wide-boat at Watford

Chris M. Jones studies the details of a pre-WWI image showing a broad-beam boat on the Grand Junction Canal at Cassiobury Park



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